“I KNEAD A MASSAGE!” a day in the life of when you might say……………

5:00 AM: Hit the wall on the way to the kitchin to make coffee, turn on dryer to de-wrinkle clothes, wake up kids,unload dish washer, start breakfast, load dishwasher, hangup clothes, load dryer, load washer and re-wake up Kids.

5:50 AM: Serve breakfast, take shower, load dish washer, check homework, sign school papers, answer 27 quesitons, say “NO” 48 TIMES, warm car.

6:30 AM: Load Kids and drive to first school while listening to voicemail. Drive to second school, grab breakfast and attend class.

10:00 AM-2:00 PM: See Clients, grab lunch.

2:30 PM: Pick up Kids, swing into grocery, start dinner, unload dishwasher and dryer. Start homework, remind kids of chores, read and answer emails, work on some projects and catch-up on some bookkeeping.

6:30 PM-9:00PM Feed Kids, look over homework, check chores, load dishwasher and clothes washer, return calls, finish projects, herd kids toward bed.

10:00 PM: finishe the unfinished, go to bed. You hear a sound, its 5:00 AM and you say… I KNEAD A MASSAGE!


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