Add Muscle to your Money – April is Financial Literacy Month – 4 Tips

1. Work for yourself. Choose your own hours, location and conditions.

2.Start Your own business. Leverage supply and demand.

3. Love what you do. Have fun, be creative, avoid burnout.

4. Help others feel better, be pain free and de-stress.

I just want to talk about number 2, leverage supply and demand. In the last few weeks 20 customers have come into my massage studio for their first massage. Massage is a top search word on all engines.

With two locations we have more demand for massage than licensed professionals to perform them. I could put 4 massage therapists to work today. As an entrepreneur, it is difficult to turn away business.

What you may not know is that you could making 50k part-time with only one year of training. With that you could work your through college or pursue your dream like i do with fine art and supporting nonprofits.

To learn more, comment below!


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