The number of folks receiving massage as a regular part of their health and fitness regime has greatly increased in recent years. The therapeutic effects of massage claimed by practitioners over the years have been supported by scientific research. Our nation has aged and massage helps older Americans with the effects of ageing by enhancing tissue elasticity and joint flexibility, Improving blood and lymph circulation as well as promoting healthy vibrant skin. Its no secret that massage can help  alleviate neck, back and hip pain as well as reduce anxiety and improve immune system functioning. Massage is known to enhance the effectiveness of existing therapies such as physical therapy, chiropractic care and psychotherapy

With all of these great benefits, how can one develop a new healthy habit to gain the real benefit of this safe and inexpensive therapy?. Hear are the three steps i used to integrate a massage routine into my busy schedule.

STEP 1, Carve out time for a massage.

STEP 2, Reschedule before you leave.

STEP 3, Repeat step two.

It took awhile for me to get it that if i don’t take care of myself why should i be surprised by fatigue and burnout while taking care of others. I now have developed the healthy habit of a ninety minute massage every other week. I encourage you to do the same.


Cancer Fighting Fall Container Garden Ideas

Breast Cancer Authority

Cancer Fighting Fall Garden For Breast CancerBy Breast Cancer Yoga Staff.

We have collected a few vegetable garden container ideas which include cancer fighting dark, leafy vegetables such as kale, broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprouts. Gardening is a wonderful healing therapy and people who eat plenty of these vegetables have lower rates of cancer.

Most everything you plant in spring you can grow in your fall garden, too.  These are cool season plants, meaning they will tolerate a light frost, thrive in short daylight hours and perform best with mild temperatures.  Some vegetables even taste better when nipped by a light frost.

Broccoli For A Breast Cancer GardenBroccoli – Broccoli seedlings should be planted 10 weeks before the first frost date in your area. This means planting them during the last hot summer days so it’s important to mulch around them to help keep the ground cool and moist. Feed the plants 3 weeks after transplanting into the garden. Use a…

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