A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine, Proverbs 17:22

proverbs 17-22As some of you might know, I’m  a retired minister. It has probably been 20 years since I’ve  put together a sermon or lesson.

However, rather than a lesson, this could be what you might call an “Observed series of  Truths”. Years ago as a Christian counselor with a ministry that focused solely on victims of violence, I taught from the Bible lessons about God’s healing power for body,mind and spirit.

After retiring from the ministry, I served as a safe school consultant for 9 years hoping to prevent violence, before attending school for somatic therapy. At some point during that time someone gave me a collection of CD’s by famed medical intuitive, Caroline Myss. I struggled with those teachings because I was unfamiliar with the context or world view from which they came but found them compelling and challenging none the less. Here are a few quotes from Miss Myss. Continue reading