A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine, Proverbs 17:22

proverbs 17-22As some of you might know, I’m  a retired minister. It has probably been 20 years since I’ve  put together a sermon or lesson.

However, rather than a lesson, this could be what you might call an “Observed series of  Truths”. Years ago as a Christian counselor with a ministry that focused solely on victims of violence, I taught from the Bible lessons about God’s healing power for body,mind and spirit.

After retiring from the ministry, I served as a safe school consultant for 9 years hoping to prevent violence, before attending school for somatic therapy. At some point during that time someone gave me a collection of CD’s by famed medical intuitive, Caroline Myss. I struggled with those teachings because I was unfamiliar with the context or world view from which they came but found them compelling and challenging none the less. Here are a few quotes from Miss Myss.

  • “The Soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind”.
  • “What drains your spirit drains your body.What fuels your spirit fuels your body”.
  • “The entire physical world is nothing but our classroom, and the challenge is for us to decide whether to make choices that enhance our spirit or drain our power”

Back in the counselling days, we could  feel God’s powerful presence urging us forward to assist victims in their  healing process. Most of our clients were mothers who were determined to break through to wholeness for the benefit of their children. Our program design grew out of closely listening to what their own souls were telling them  to do to heal, for it was different for everyone.

As a somatic therapist, I have the privilege of witnessing folks heal from injury, illness, and in the rehabilitation from surgery. Everyone is different in their healing process, physically, mentally and spiritually. One thing is the same though, the helpers, the ones who encourage, the cheerleaders, the puller-uppers, and the calm silent  smiles that say “I know that by the grace of God, you will be whole”.

One of the most rewarding aspects during a therapeutic massage, is the moment when the receiver takes that certain long and deep breath. Its when the minds lets go and becomes silent and still. An almost invisible transformation takes place, a ever so slight “cheerfulness” has returned.



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