Chakra Balancing- 7 Steps to Happiness

color chadra targetWhen I was in massage school, I overheard phrases such as energy healing & chakra balancing. I rolled my eyes and said to myself “this is new age huey, stick to the facts and tough it out till you’re done”.           Ten years later I said to myself ” those words didn’t taste so bad after all”. I have gained a genuine appreciation for energy medicine, CHI, acupressure meridians, and yes, chakra balancing.

What are chakras? The word means spinning wheel and was imported to the west through Hindu and Buddhist Yoga. Chakras are places where the nonphysical and physical bodies interact with one another. Their locations correlate to glands and nerve plexuses and are influenced by (and can influence) thought, emotions and behavior. There are 7 chakras along the midline of our body, each with its own gland, nerve bundle, color, sound and emotional constellation, as well as behavioral tendencies.

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This great chart shows the color, location and sound for each chakra, with #1 in red on the bottom. (I found it on BeFitMotivation). What’s great is that it presents an instant action you can take to create balance for the depleting tendency in each chakra.

As I list each chakra with its related Gland and body/mind connection, I will also suggest some pure essential oils that can jump start balancing of that area of your life.

  1. Root or Base: located near the tailbone and reproductive glands. Relates to safety,  groundedness, personal boundaries and action.  The element is fire. Recommended oils are patchouli, vetiver and oakmoss. Balancing action, Fear Less-Love More.
  2. Spleen: Located just below the naval near the adrenals. Relates to  all feelings; especially empathy, trust, warmth and attachment. The element is water. Oils are Jasmine, Cinnamon and tangerine. Balancing action,Complain Less-Appreciate More.
  3. Solar Plexus: Below the breastbone near the stomach. Relates to willpower, mental energy, thoughts, logic and decision-making. The element is earth. Oils are lemon, ginger and peppermint. Balancing action, Watch less-Do More.
  4. Heart: Located in the middle of the breastbone near the thymus. Relates to compassion, wisdom and forgiveness.The element is wood. Oils are rose, ylang, bergamot and lemongrass. Balancing action, Judge less-Accept More.
  5. Throat: Near the thyroid. Relates to creativity, clear communication, releasing and healing. The element is air. Oils are chamomile, rosemary and geranium. Balancing action, Talk less-Listen More.
  6. Brow: Between the eyes near the pituitary and hypothalamus. Relates to service to others, seeing the big picture, community building and intuition. The element is metal. Oils are lavender, pine and sage. Balancing action, Frown Less-Smile More.
  7. Crown: Top of the head near the pineal gland. Relates to harmony, connectedness, lovingkindness, peacemaking and “taking the higher ground”, . Element is “Mist”. Oils are frankincense, sandalwood and myrrh. Balancing action,Think less-Feel More. (Source: Inner light Resources’-Rainbow Cards & Charts)

Note: I researched pure essential oils for eight years before concluding that Young Living is your best bet. Comment below for more information on pure essential oils.

So, what does all of this have to do happiness? Well I have a challenge for you. Pick one (like, Frown Less-Smile More) and do it several times a day for a week and see what happens

Comment below if you have questions or comments about  this article.



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