Refresh this Spring with a 4-Pack and save $40

renewSpring is the perfect season to begin new healthy habits and do something special for yourself!, trust me, you deserve good stuff. You do all you can to help others, you provide the stability in your family, your could use some me-time. Besides , you likely have a little extra cash because of tax returns.

This Spring you can save $40 by purchasing 4 one hour sessions for $200. What better way to break yourself free from cabin fever and the winter blues. Use this opportunity to begin a new chapter of self care in your life and establish a fresh pattern of regular massages just for you.

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A Naked Picture

Daddy's Warrior Princess

I wanted to post a picture of me after I had lost my hair. I had not seen a picture of me with no hair since that time. I didn’t know how I would feel to see me then. I went through all my external hard drives looking for pictures and I couldn’t find any. I gave up; maybe there were no pictures chronicling my breast cancer journey. I had found a couple of me wearing a wig, which I have posted.

When I was bald.

I hid behind my wigs.

I hid behind my smile.

I hid from cancer. If I didn’t have to look at it, it wasn’t real.

I mentioned to my son I had been looking for pictures of that time. He said, “I have one of you and Uncle Cliff.” I was surprised. I am not sure how he ended up with one but it…

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Communicating Chronic Pain Through Art

Spoonie Sophia



Christian-Schole-Portrait-of-a-HeartAll images are from – submissions from everyday sufferers. 

When I used to see a pain psychologist, she would often ask me to describe what my chronic pain would look like if it was visible – she was using a mindfulness technique that requires you to focus on your pain sensations. I never felt the words I used did it justice. And it’s the same when I try and describe what the pain feels like to friends and family – I say things like, it feels like my legs are on fire, that there are lots of little needles pressing into my skin and clamps on my hips forcing them together. I also suffer from allodynia (hypersensitivity) and its really hard to describe the horrible pain sensations I get from light touch/pressure and heat. I don’t feel my language is sufficient in showing what my pain really feels like. Communicating pain through art however, I think…

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The 5 Components of MPS Therapy

MPSButtonWHAT IS MPS THERAPY?                            MPS stands for Microcurrent Point Stimulation, a new FDA approved therapy that combines the principles of acupuncture and neurology with technology.

MPS can be used as “battlefield acupuncture” by soldiers for quick pain relief.

HOW DOES IT WORK?                                                                                                          A unique neurostimulator combined with myofascial techniques, addresses three body systems simultaneously; nervous, musculoskeletal and the endocrine system.

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March 2015 Comes in Like a Lion on the Plateau bringing with it the Hope of Spring

Lion_SunFolks here are still weary from the ice storm last week. Still, there are approximately two hundred residents without power in Cumberland County. The psychological effects of this storm are daunting for sure.

Personally, I want to remember a few things from our experience. Because we had a wood stove and plenty of wood, we had 12 people staying with us. One of them was a truck driver who was staying at his Mother’s house while she was in Florida for the winter. Early Sunday morning, we got a call from a friend who was panicking because her husband was running out of oxygen. Continue reading