March 2015 Comes in Like a Lion on the Plateau bringing with it the Hope of Spring

Lion_SunFolks here are still weary from the ice storm last week. Still, there are approximately two hundred residents without power in Cumberland County. The psychological effects of this storm are daunting for sure.

Personally, I want to remember a few things from our experience. Because we had a wood stove and plenty of wood, we had 12 people staying with us. One of them was a truck driver who was staying at his Mother’s house while she was in Florida for the winter. Early Sunday morning, we got a call from a friend who was panicking because her husband was running out of oxygen.

Our truck driver overheard the call, sat up and said “there is portable oxygen at mom’s house”. He drove our 4 wheel drive jeep to the rescue. Just one day before the ice storm , our Daughter brought home our sixth grandbaby, Christopher Lucas, He slept through all of the excitement. Fortunately, our power returned on Sunday afternoon, our prayers go to those still without it. Our 5 year old Granddaughter wishes the power would go out again because she enjoyed playing go-fish with all of the adults by candlelight and watching Her mother cook on the wood stove.Today it was 60 degrees and another wintery mix is coming tomorrow but my hope is beyond the Lion, “Here Comes the Sun, Du-Du-Du-Du”.



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