Communicating Chronic Pain Through Art

Spoonie Sophia



Christian-Schole-Portrait-of-a-HeartAll images are from – submissions from everyday sufferers. 

When I used to see a pain psychologist, she would often ask me to describe what my chronic pain would look like if it was visible – she was using a mindfulness technique that requires you to focus on your pain sensations. I never felt the words I used did it justice. And it’s the same when I try and describe what the pain feels like to friends and family – I say things like, it feels like my legs are on fire, that there are lots of little needles pressing into my skin and clamps on my hips forcing them together. I also suffer from allodynia (hypersensitivity) and its really hard to describe the horrible pain sensations I get from light touch/pressure and heat. I don’t feel my language is sufficient in showing what my pain really feels like. Communicating pain through art however, I think…

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