Yippee! today is international coffee day

Coffee DayWow, I just found out that today is international coffee day. Coffee has been an integral part of my life since age 6.

That’s right, at the age of six my dad poured my first cup of coffee and i added a little cream and sugar and that has been my daily ritual for fifty eight years.

I know some would say this is not healthy but rest assured that my body and mind has successfully adjusted to this wonderful lifestyle of drinking and celebrating life with coffee. I have a special sensor between my eyes that knows there is a starbucks before I actually see one. Before I do anything else when i get up I make coffee and fill a thermos so I can have coffee throughout the day.

I waited for Juan Valdez in the famous coffee commercials growing up-all the way to six foot, two inches. Coffee did not stunt my growth as some warned it actually made me the tallest in my family.

I just feel better now knowing there is an international day of coffee. I can’t wait until the next one and you can bet that I will be better prepared to celebrate that international coffee day with the regal recognition it deserves.


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