A Woman to Woman NEW YEAR Resolutions: Wants vs Needs

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A Woman to Woman NEW YEAR Resolutions- Wants vs Needs“Kat, what is your New Year’s Resolution?” a friend asks over lunch. “Mine is to give up cigarettes and sugar” she says, while shaking a packet of sweetener substitute into her coffee.

“Mine’s to not give up anything and to put myself first,” is my answer. “Then I’ll refocus on implementing the difference between wants and needs in life.”

My friend stops stirring her coffee, peers over her sunglasses, and asks, “What do you mean by that?”

The concept of “care-giver first” and the difference between want and need were clearly alien to her. For the longest time they were to me, too.

Crisis can re-prioritize your life.
These concepts introduced themselves during radiation therapy while battling breast cancer recurrence. The side effects of emotional emptiness were more severe than treatment burns in some women because they were unaware of the importance of soul self-care.

Unfortunately burn-out is an equal…

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A Cancer Christmas Story: The Gift of Community

Breast Cancer Authority

A Cancer Christmas Story on Breast Cancer Authority

THIS CHRISTMAS WILL BE disheartening for many of us. Our unstable economy, dwindling financial security, home foreclosures, and job losses will not pause for the holiday season. Add health issues to that equation and the result is few, if any, gifts beneath the Christmas Tree. However, there is a bright star in our dark night: community support.

We are bigger than the sum of our problems.

We belong to the community of mankind. Fellowship and help networks filled with resources and hope are available to everyone. So are sympathetic shoulders on which to cry.

As a phone counselor for the R.A. BLOCH CANCER FOUNDATION, I recently received a call from a woman I’ll name Lisa for this blog. Lisa was calling from California. It soon became apparent that this woman, who had just been diagnosed with breast cancer recurrence, needed a whole lot more than just a shoulder for support.

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5 reasons why is relaxation such a big deal

NWgiftMany more Americans will receive or give massage gift certificates this year than last.

The reason for this is because massage is more than a gift that may or may not be used. What they are really receiving is an experience, the experience of relaxation. And we now know that experiencing relaxation through massage is a big deal when it comes to the benefits to our overall health and well being. Here are just a few.

  1. Massage is proven as an effective relaxation experience in reducing stress, pain and muscle tension.

  2. Massage can improve our quality of Sleep and Restfulness.

  3. Massage can significantly boost mood inducing an overall sense of wellbeing.

  4. Research suggests that massage can improve our immune system by reducing harmful stress hormones.

  5. Massage can combat the harmful effects of sitting at a computer all day. Many have reported improved posture, circulation and improved respiration following a series of massage sessions.

For information on massage gift certificates for Christmas click here.

3 Reasons to gift Massage this Christmas

Santy KnottyFolks always ask this time of year if the Holidays are our slow season. I imagine their thinking is that money for “extras” is tight because of Christmas Spending.

  1. Actually, the opposite is true! Massage therapy is no longer considered an extra. More Americans than ever are choosing massage to reduce stress and manage pain as well as enhance athletic performance.There was a time when  massage was considered “pampering, only for the rich” but for more americans, massage is a part of their overall health care.
  2. When you gift someone a massage, you are giving a gift that they will actually use, appreciate and remember you for the sheer appropriateness of your choice.
  3. Many times I’ll get a call from someone desiring to purchase a massage gift certificate after asking a loved one what they wanted for that special occasion the reply was “a massage”. If you’ve been KNOTTY lately, maybe you should request a massage this Christmas.

Day 14: End Emotional Over Eating

Clintina Health Coach

hate catYou Can’t Hate & Be Healthy 

My original plan for Day 14 was to re-visit and highlight the suggestions given since we began our journey. As I drove to my office, opened the door, removed my jacket and sat in front of my laptop, I kept hearing:  You Can’t Hate & Be Healthy. How many times throughout the day are you bombarded by the word HATE?  Co-workers, church members, casual acquaintances or close confidantes tell you about all the persons, places, pains, that they hate. The media: economic, political, social or religious. Even on the golf course: ” I hate this hole, I hate this flag placement, I hate this hazard . . . ”

You can stop this negative non sense now.  Yes, it starts with YOU – your thoughts, your words and your actions. You will never stop over eating if you HATE your BODY.  You must LOVE the body you are in this…

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Day 10: End Emotional Over Eating

Clintina Health Coach

sugar-addiction-perpetual-cycleFor the first 10 days of our journey to End Emotional Over Eating, we have focused on our spiritual core and the practice of being mindful. But emotional over eating is not just in your head. A significant factor is understanding nutrition: what we eat on a regular basis, not just during emotional episodes. While Adam and Eve bit the apple, most emotional over eaters gravitate to sugars and fats. WHY?

When it comes to emotional eating, how do these foods loaded with sugar and fat affect our emotional state? What actually causes us to crave these types of foods when we are depressed or stressed out?

“When it comes to our diet, sugar and fat seem to help us cope with intense periods of high stress,” says Tessa Prior-Pullins, one of the lead dietitians for BistroMD. “Even though these types of foods seem to calm our nerves, there is no…

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My 3 best Christmas Gifts Growing Up

Red Wagon 1Number One on the list would have to be My Little Red Wagon. The Ultimate Utility Vehicle for a four year old Boy. 1955

This wagon would later become the icon for childhood in my psyche and would show up later in drawings, paintings and stories.

Second place goes to the Slingerland Drum Set I had to have after seeing Ringo sweep the cymbals on the Ed Sullivan Show. 1964


The brand Slingerland, was endorsed by Gene Krupa and Buddy Rich which launched my music career with the help that it had nothing do to with what my parents did. Also my parents couldn’t understand why the beetles didn’t cut or comb their hair.

Coming in as the 3rd best Christmas gift, is the very large paperbook I received from my Oldest Sister in 1968 which was the precursor to the world wide web known as the Whole Earth Catalog.

Whole Earth CatalogThe WHOLE EARTH CATALOG was published regularly from 1968 to 1972, but only intermittently thereafter. During its four years of regular publication, the Catalog earned a reputation, a following, and a National Book Award, the only time a catalog has been so honored.

Standing with one foot firmly in the rugged individualism and back-to-the-land movements of the Sixties counterculture and the other in the nascent global community made possible by the Internet, the WHOLE EARTH CATALOG offered an integrated, complex, challenging, thought-provoking, and comprehensive worldview.

Founder Stewart Brand, in his 1968 CATALOG article, “We are as gods” said, “At a time when the New Left was calling for grass-roots political (i.e., referred) power, Whole Earth eschewed politics and pushed grassroots direct power—tools and skills. At a time when New Age hippies were deploring the intellectual world of arid abstractions, Whole Earth pushed science, intellectual endeavor, and new technology as well as old. As a result, when the most empowering tool of the century came along—personal computers (resisted by the New Left and despised by the New Age)—Whole Earth was in the thick of the development from the beginning.”(from the Whole Earth Website)