Be Free B 4 Christmas Eve

Have you been thinking about this?

Clintina Health Coach

angry over eaterEnd Emotional Over Eating in 21 Days

Best made plans of mice and men often fall by the wayside when family emergencies occur. But technology prevails. Instead of facilitating 6 group sessions and 21 personal contact hours with clients, I will provide valuable information for 21 days via this blog page to help you End Emotional Over Eatingbefore December 24. At my health talk: Decide Now to Be or Not to Be Healthy, I identified several hurdles to being healthy. During that seminar, 90% of the participants identified emotional mindless eating as the number one challenge to being healthy. We talked about society’s overwhelming focus on food for almost every purpose except as our source of fuel to perform daily living activities.

In my humble opinion, Thanksgiving should be the only food holiday in the USA. It is too easy to fall into the trap of food as everything but fuel. First…

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