What’s better an old fashioned planner for Christmas?

PlannerIt’s really good to be back at our local blogging club (Creative Blogs Inc.) here at the Cumberland Business Incubator in Crossville, TN.

Our Chief Blogger always has a ready made topic waiting for us along with hot oatmeal and fresh fruit.

Our topic today was “Hot New Products for Christmas”. Well, I searched the subject and really?, everything that came up was techno-digital-gadget type stuff. Where has the time gone! is my mind playing tricks? I can remember when my Brother bought my Mother a Crock Pot for Christmas!

Yes, it takes me a lot longer to unlearn the old in order to learn the new than most folks. And yes, I have my 2016 planner from Staples ready to go. Mabey my new-year goal will to be to learn how to use the planner on my Samsung note 4.

It’s ok, you can laugh at me if you want to, I know I make these things a lot harder than is useful, and sometimes at 64 I feel out of place in this world but I’m pretty sure I’m not alone.


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