Day 14: End Emotional Over Eating

Clintina Health Coach

hate catYou Can’t Hate & Be Healthy 

My original plan for Day 14 was to re-visit and highlight the suggestions given since we began our journey. As I drove to my office, opened the door, removed my jacket and sat in front of my laptop, I kept hearing:  You Can’t Hate & Be Healthy. How many times throughout the day are you bombarded by the word HATE?  Co-workers, church members, casual acquaintances or close confidantes tell you about all the persons, places, pains, that they hate. The media: economic, political, social or religious. Even on the golf course: ” I hate this hole, I hate this flag placement, I hate this hazard . . . ”

You can stop this negative non sense now.  Yes, it starts with YOU – your thoughts, your words and your actions. You will never stop over eating if you HATE your BODY.  You must LOVE the body you are in this…

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