Groundhog Day 1955

GroundhogI was going to turn five in August. I enjoyed being with myself most of the time but that was difficult because I was discriminated against for being four.

There was a large woods behind our house with a creek running through it with all kinds of creatures living there.

One of my favorites was Hubie. He was very fat with very small eyes and a nose that looked like a black rubber ball. His mouth made him look intelligent but I couldn’t tell you why now that I look back on our friendship.

My older brother Cecil was a very hard worker in my Father’s construction company so he took his savings and bought a brand new 1955 Chevy, It was very round like Hubie.

Cecil would take me for rides in the woods which was a blast and that’s when I first met Hubie. Cecil wanted to shoot him, (something about his shadow), but I talked him out of it saying that animals were people just like us. Cecil gave me a strange look while downshifting to get up the rise near the creek for the ground was still wet from the recent snow.

One day I asked Hubie how he acquired his name, He said there was an oldtimer that lived in a shack near the creek who was a blacksmith by trade. Folks would bring their horses and mules for him to put shoes on. Hubie said that one day while he getting a drink out of the creek a mule broke loose, and stepped on his hind leg and the blacksmith nursed him back to health. The oldtimer kept calling him Hubie and then the possums and squirrels picked up on it and it stuck.

The mule’s name was Mournie.



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