Chakra Balancing- 7 Steps to Happiness

color chadra targetWhen I was in massage school, I overheard phrases such as energy healing & chakra balancing. I rolled my eyes and said to myself “this is new age huey, stick to the facts and tough it out till you’re done”.           Ten years later I said to myself ” those words didn’t taste so bad after all”. I have gained a genuine appreciation for energy medicine, CHI, acupressure meridians, and yes, chakra balancing.

What are chakras? The word means spinning wheel and was imported to the west through Hindu and Buddhist Yoga. Chakras are places where the nonphysical and physical bodies interact with one another. Their locations correlate to glands and nerve plexuses and are influenced by (and can influence) thought, emotions and behavior. There are 7 chakras along the midline of our body, each with its own gland, nerve bundle, color, sound and emotional constellation, as well as behavioral tendencies. Continue reading


10 “if you can” Statements to assess Your Spiritual Fitness for the New Year

spiritual fitnessMassage Therapists, Yoga Teachers and Life Coaches all speak of being spiritually fit or holistic, referring to the balancing our lives “Body, Mind, Spirit”. But what is Spiritual Wholeness or what does it mean to be attuned spiritually?. We in the West understand these ideas easier if we can compare ourselves with some ideal or target behavior.

In our blogging club (Creative Blogs Inc.) ,our Chief Blogger gave us an editorial calendar entitled “the official council blogs communication plan”. On this excellent tool we were asked to choose a theme for each month and then write on a different topic each week.

I have dedicated the month on January to the subject of spiritual growth. Its difficult to even say the word without triggering preconceived maps of how to even define the word.

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